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Integralmaster sun shading and anti-glare protection

Integralmaster sun shading and anti-glare protection

New in the Schüco product range:

The new Integralmaster sun shading and anti-glare protection is a joint development by Sun-Master Sonnenschutz GmbH and Schüco. It consists of a single unit with a pleated film roller blind and a specially developed glazing bead which fully conceals the film blind. With a maximum width of 1800 mm and a maximum height of 3200 mm, this sun shading and anti-glare protection unit is compatible with all Schüco AWS window systems (Aluminium Window System) – basic systems are Schüco AWS 75.SI and Schüco AWS 90.SI.

As concealed sun shading and anti-glare protection integrated in the glazing bead, the blind is only visible when it is in use. It is otherwise concealed with all its components in the glazing bead. The Integralmaster is suitable for newbuilds and modernisations, as the “old” glazing bead is simply removed and replaced with the complete system. Two operating types are available. With the electrical control option, the roller blind integrated in the bottom glazing bead moves upwards by means of SMI technology (compatible with many BUS control systems). If mechanical operation is selected, the roller blind is integrated in the top glazing bead and moves downwards.

Technology, design and efficiency

The internal and hence weatherproof Integralmaster is available in five different polyester films with special pleating. Three of these films allow crystal clear views to the outside. The SHGS 03 blind with high-performance reflective film is a good choice as protection against direct solar radiation. As glare is reduced by 97%, it provides outstanding sun shading for all workstations, even under difficult conditions. The other two transparent films are used in places which simply require good anti-glare protection. Two darkening films, one black and one white on the inside, complete the range.

For those who are interested, detailed information on the individual blinds and the technical data can be found at

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